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What Are the Best Places to Start a Tech Company?

Virtual space is a great space to be in for business these days. After all, our future is looking to be more and more dependent on technology. But when you start a tech company, you do often need a physical location to tie your business to a home base. While choosing where to start your tech company is a difficult decision, there are plenty of great places to choose from. Here are the best places that you can choose to establish your tech company in.


Texas has long been home to a booming economy. Texas is a great place for business owners for its low tax rates and pro-business legislation. Not only that, but Texas has been seeing a major influx of tech companies and businesses moving their headquarters to cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Tesla is just one of the major tech companies that have recently relocated to Texas as home of operations, and it is likely just the beginning of a wave. Texas should be at the top of the list for any aspiring tech business owner.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is at the heart of San Francisco and the greater bay area of northern California. Tech businesses have particularly strong needs for intellectual property laws, as most tech products are based on one singular idea that must be protected to safeguard their business. And Silicon Valley has some of the best business regulations regarding tech companies interests, which is particularly good for startups. Not to mention, many other tech companies are headquartered in cities like San Francisco. It is always helpful to be close to other businesses in your industry.

Denver, Colorado

Denver, the mile high city, is a hotbed for new startups. Denver boasts one of the lowest startup costs of any major city in the United States. Business rent also tends to be very cheap, making it an effective place for startups that want a dedicated office space, especially while starting out. Denver has also been a spot for a lot of investment in the tech industry, with Cherwell Software and Gusto both garnering over one hundred million dollars in investment each in 2018. Denver is a great place to get your tech startup off the ground with low initial cost.

Joining the tech world as a business owner is a major step that can be an incredibly fruitful endeavor. But before you get things off the ground, you need to decide where in the country to base your business. This decision should be considered carefully, but this list of places should offer you some ideas and inspiration on where the best location is to start your tech business.

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