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- Financial Pro forma

- Financial Reporting

- Staff Coaching/Training

- Financial Modeling

- Strategic Planning

- Fund Raising

- Budgeting & Metrics

- PriorityMark℠

- HR and Payroll Advisory

- NumCheck℠

We help you to discover solutions to your problems.

Fractional CFO: Services


We provide four different fractional CFO service plans to strengthen our customers' financial position

The plans are:

  • Starter Plan

  • Foundation Plan

  • Growth Plan

  • Flat-Fee Hour Plan

List of fractional CFO services/reviews (service provided will depend on the plan):

  • NumCheck℠ - a fully customizable process to keep track of your critical financial numbers

  • NumCheck℠ - it is a unique 9-point forward-looking tool developed internally by sFoundation

  • PriorityMark℠ - a numbering system to help you prioritize your financial tasks and save time

  • PriorityMark℠ - it is a unique 5-point analytic tool developed internally by sFoundation

  • Number of set meetings per month

  • Number of set offline analysis sessions per month

  • Monthly revenue, COGs, major expenses, and labor costs

  • Monthly banks reconciliation

  • Monthly credit cards reconciliation

  • Profit & Loss YTD statement

  • Profit & Loss M2M statement

  • Quarterly or annual labor costs, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, forecast & budget, and one-page report card

  • Annual actual vs. budget variance

  • Annual employee and executive compensations

  • Year-end scenario planning, financial ratios, Y2Y financial statements comparison, and one-page report card

  • Investor deck

  • Cap table

  • CFO representation at investor meetings

  • Monthly or one-time fee (starting @ $895)

Fractional CFO: Services
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