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The AccelScore Platform provides the ideal way to manage and analyze companies successfully. It can help you evolve your startup evaluation from a paper-based system to a digital cloud-based platform.

Glean insight into a startup company’s immediate and future needs by eliminating data silos and enabling internal data co-operations.

Only a small percentage of the startup investment community is successful in implementing a digital transformation. The AccelScore Platform, coupled with our startup expertise, can help companies or individuals worldwide achieve their digital transformation goals.

We augment your startup evaluation process through this cloud-based scoring platform.


Everyone knows what a bad decision looks like, but do you take advantage of your right business decisions?

Decision management is all about creating measurable consistency in startup companies. Developing solutions that treat all startups equally, intelligently, and diversely is a powerful way to create tangible values. Even more powerful is adding data-driven insights into your decision making and a self-learning tool to your decision process.

Your first step is The AccelScore Decision Management Platform.

Use it to discover hidden talents. 95% of the startups fail, but that doesn't mean their founders are not promising. Let's find those diamonds in the rough - be it an individual founder or a startup.

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Adding data-driven analytics into your decision-making process will enhance your analysis and prediction of a startup company. Here are some of the many benefits:

  1. First-in-class. Partner with a strategic leader whose breakthrough innovation in advanced startup analytics by leveraging human and AI to shape the future of startup decision making in today’s forward-thinking investment community.

  2. Connect silos. Share decision and analytical intelligence across organizational and data silos to make fast and better decisions and reduce human capital costs simultaneously – aka the time spent talking to each & every potential startup in the initial discovery phase.

  3. Collaborate. Enable stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, empowering them to the same analytics will speed up your decision process and reduce time sinks.

  4. Data optimization. Leverage the AccelScore data to optimize your vast amount of internal data streams into a more holistic view and provides quick, actionable decision making.

  5. Scale. Speed up your pre-screen process by filtering startups quickly through the AccelScore platform.

  6. Manage risk. By augmenting your evaluation process through sophisticated data analytics, it can result in increased decision accuracy.


Company Listing Tool.

List your startup in our database, provide your funding needs, seek new employees or team members, list job openings, announce any events or news, and many more. Use it to showcase your company.

Connections Tool.

Use our messaging tool to communicate with each other instead of the traditional email that may fade over time.

Build Relationship Tool.

Founders can use the build relations tool to create lasting relationships. You won't forget whether or not you have contacted someone in the past month or past year. Just update your company information and use our monthly email tool to nudge them about your startup's progress.

and many more.

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Connections Tool.

Use our messaging tool to communicate with each other instead of the traditional email that may fade over time.

Private Notes Tool.

With the private note tool, you can put all the personal notes you have with every startup founder meeting under one roof.  So you don't need to dig through your spreadsheets or paper or post-it notes.

Voting and Ranking Tool.

Using the feedback tool, you can upvote your favorite person or organization you met or downvote your talkative auntie if you like. Rank them with your feedback on the platform. The best part is, your feedback and ranking are confidential unless you chose to reveal them.

and many more.


2019 - Alpha
2020 - Beta
2021 Q1 - v1.0. Fully functional decision management platform.
2021 Q3 - v2.0. Improving UX/UI.

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