Company Overview

sFoundation is a company focusing on startups. We provide a startup ecosystem to ensure founders and entrepreneurs can find all their solutions within this ecosystem.


Our focus is on diversity and technology. We have a goal to include at least 20% women founders, 20% minority founders, and 20% founders over 40 in our Startup Accelerator Program.


We were established by a founder who envisioned that anyone — regardless of their background — can start a technology related company. We offer unparalleled acceleration programs, sessions, workshops, and advisory services. Fueled by a passion to offer excellent solutions for startup founders, sFoundation was conceptualized to identify and ease the pain points of entrepreneurs in founding and scaling their startups.

Who We Are

Ken Wong


Ken is an entrepreneur who had two other startups before. Most recently he helped a small business increased its revenue by 329% in about two and a half years. His skill sets are operations, finance, FP&A, IT security, and advisory board.


Ken spent the past 11 years in finance and accounting. Before that, he was an IT professional for 15 years, including network infrastructure, programming, and project management. Ken's strength is in understanding all aspects of a business that affect its finances, operations, IT, HR and many more areas, and to apply that knowledge to grow a business from the idea stage to revenue stage.  Ken also has contacts in Singapore and Canada for those who want to establish a foothold in either country.

Dianthe Skurko


Dianthe Skurko is a seasoned business development professional and startup veteran. With more than two decades ‘in the trenches’ with a number of cutting edge technology startups she brings real-world experience to the table where it matters the most. A true professional who can take a company from inception to revenue with a sense of urgency and eloquence in the digital era. Dianthe has 15+ years experience in marketing, communications and brand development with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and visionaries, high-growth Silicon Valley companies, and impact-driven not-for-profits and initiatives. She has led strategic planning of cross-functional marketing activities with founders, boards, and department leads.

When not empowering the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, you can find Dianthe trail running in the Santa Cruz Mts, or traveling the world with her husband.

Soorya Narayen


As a volunteer, Soorya helps in organizing the Pitch Night events at sFoundation. He is passionate about start-ups and believes that being part of an organization like sFoundation is the best way to get into the start-up community. 


Soorya has over 9 years of experience in product development from building prototypes to launching the product to market. At present, he is a Program manager of New Products at a clean-tech company and has been part of the journey taking the company to public.

Harry Halvorsen


Harry is a Program Manager intern at sFoundation, who studies business at Santa Clara University. Harry is responsible for facilitating sFoundation's startup workshops and event promotion through online outreach.

From a very young age, Harry created his own YouTube channel posting video game and short skit videos with his friends that grew in a year to boast over 600 views a day. As head coach for the Springer Elementary Flag Football team, he developed many techniques for evaluating achievement processes and intuitive problem-solving.


Harry is always eager to explore new strategies for problem-solving and has a talent for applying technology.


Darryll DiPietro

Coincierge Club

Darryll DiPietro started his first business after film school in 2005, a video production company, while he was working as a unit production manager on a film and a production assistant for MTV.


Since then he has created or launched 2 more movie production businesses, 2 hospitality businesses and is currently the Founder and President of Crypto-Cash Hub, Inc and Future Stuff, Inc. He is the current CEO of Coincierge Club, a project which completed sFoundation. 

Lam Loi

Lam Loi, with 15+ years in the IT industry, has been providing solutions and helping people.


Lam and his co-founder Roger Li started SelfTable, a platform to help users discover restaurants and favorite dishes quickly. He believes in healthy eating and at the same time, still enjoy the occasion and variety of dishes available at restaurants.  Lam also started a book club where entrepreneurs can exchange books, meet up to discuss ideas, and share their experience.

Board of Advisors

Brett Bunnell

  • Brett Bunnell

Corporate Attorney

Shriram Natarajan

  • Shriram Natarajan

CTO | Venture

Aman Johar

  • Aman Johar

Startup Investment

Delia Sabau

  • Delia Sabau

Hedge Fund | Investment

Dr. Ella Li

  • Dr. Ella Li

Venture Capitalist | Scientist

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