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What to Review before Launching Your New Business

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

So you’re getting ready to launch your new business. This is an exciting, but also stressful time. There’s just so much to prepare before you open your doors, whether figuratively or literally.

Before you launch, there are a few things you should review to have as smooth an experience as possible.

Review the Market Research

Any savvy business owner, whether novice or veteran, knows that solid market research is essential for business success. It’s how you determine the demand for what you’re offering, what your competition is like, and how you can make your business stand out.

Review your research periodically, but especially during the time leading up to your launch, and compare it to the direction you’re starting in. This will help you keep things on track and heading in the right direction to give yourself the best chance of success (provided your research is sound).

Ensure Your Business Model Is Solid

A business model is a plan for creating and delivering value to customers. Think of it as your plan for making a profit. It should encompass your target market, expenses, and what you plan to offer customers in exchange for their business.

A solid business model is essential to success. A failed business model is the reason around 20% of businesses fail. Consider asking people who aren’t directly involved with your business to review your business model. They may identify weaknesses in it that you’re too close to see.

Review Your Financial Plan

Starting a business usually requires at least some upfront investment. Not everyone has the capital to start a business right away, which is where different types of investors come into play. Before you launch your business, make sure you have a plan for where you’re getting funding from and how any investors will be compensated. Carefully review your anticipated costs and your plan for covering them. Remember to account for your business’s tax liabilities and insurance in your expense plans. Account for risks you’re taking on and have a plan for mitigating their financial impact as well.

Launching a new business is no easy feat. Even if you’ve had prior experience launching a business, the sheer amount of work that has to be done means that there will be an inevitable last-minute scramble to ensure everything is in order. Remember to set some time aside before the launch to carefully review your research and plans. That will help you be as prepared as possible when it’s time to kick things off.

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