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What to Double Check Before Your Corporate Event Begins

The day of your big corporate event has finally arrived. You’ve spent months planning this event to ensure that everything will run smoothly. Even though everything is likely taken care of at this point, it is still a good idea to double-check a few things before you get started. Here are a few things that you should check up on before your corporate event begins.

Seating Availability

First of all, you should check up on seating availability. You likely had a head count for this event, and have ensured that the necessary number of seats are available for your guests. As guests start filing in before the event starts, it can be helpful to double-check seating availability. Are there many empty seats? Is the room filling up faster than you expected?

Or could you consolidate so your guests are sitting closer to the keynote speaker and presenter? Make sure that all of your seating availability is convenient and efficient for guests arriving before the event begins. Having the perfect seating arrangement will help the evening to go much more smoothly.

Technical Details

Next, make sure that you check up on any technical details that need to be arranged before the event starts. If you’re having a presentation as part of your event, make sure that you have all of the technology set up to easily connect the presenter’s computer or hard drive to your presenting equipment. You might also want to check stage microphones and stage lighting.

Lighting can have a big effect on the mood at your event. This includes both the stage lighting on any guest presenters as well as the lighting that your guests will have at their individual seats or tables. Do you want your lighting to give off a relaxed, homey, comfortable vibe or a modern, technical vibe? These choices can help determine the experience of your guests.


Finally, if you’ve arranged for any vendors to help you with your corporate event, double-check that they are all settled before the event starts. If they’re already at the event location, walk through the vendor presentation to make sure that everything is in place. If they don’t need to be at the location until later, give the vendor a call or text to ensure that everything is taken care of.

This can help to take care of any issues before your guests are ready to eat or drink the vendors’ products. Choosing good vendors will also help to prevent any issues.

So, next time you’re in charge of planning a big corporate event, remember these tips to help you be prepared! Make sure that you double-check your seating availability, technical details, and vendors before the event starts to have a successful evening. This will help you and your guests to have a stress-free experience where you can concentrate on the presenters at hand.

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