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Things to Do in the Early Stages of Event Planning

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Planning a big event for your business is a major undertaking. It is highly involved and isn’t something that can be left for the last minute. There are a few tasks that should be completed as soon as you decide to hold an event. Here are three things that should be done in the early stages of planning.

Decide the Focus of Your Event

Everything will come together more easily if you develop a focus for your event. The focus of your event includes the why and the how questions. Are you recognizing a major business milestone or celebrating a holiday? Are you honoring all of your employees or one in particular? Once you know the “why”, you can determine the “how”. How do you want to accomplish your why? Do you want to host an upscale dinner or let your hair down and have some fun with something more relaxed?

Book a Space

Once you have your “why” and “how”, the next step is to address your “where”. Your venue should fit with the focus of your event. If you want to hold an upscale dinner then a formal venue is probably your best option. If you want to give your employees or guests the chance to let their hair down, go for a more informal venue. Also, be sure that your venue can address any of the logistical needs that you might have, whether you need access to a kitchen or specific tech. You should make sure your event can meet your technical needs if you plan a presentation.

Choose a Theme

Now that you have your focus and your venue it is time to choose a theme. When you have a theme to your event the details like food and décor come more easily. Your theme could be centered around a season, a holiday, a product, a symbol, or even an idea. Then, all you have to do is center your décor, food, and entertainment around your theme. Your event will be more successful if everything is coordinated.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed when tasked with planning a major business event. A lot goes into it, and every detail needs to be worked out. However, it is much easier when you take a systematic approach. Your focus will help determine your venue, which will help decide your theme, which will act as a guide when you work out the details.

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