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How to Attract the Best Employees to Your Startup

There’s a lot that goes into getting a startup off the ground and making it successful. One of the things you’ll absolutely need if you want to succeed and grow is to have the best employees you can get your hands on. Your employees will be responsible for handling the day to day operations and interacting with customers. Hiring the best means your company and customers are in good hands. So how do you go about attracting the best?

Make a Name for Yourself

Few businesses start out with much notoriety. It can be tricky to make a name for yourself as a startup, but it’s essential if you want to attract the best talent. 90% of startups fail, with 10% failing within the first year. That’s a lot of uncertainty that can be a huge turn off for highly skilled talent. In times of economic uncertainty when job loss and furloughs are running high, that can feel like an even greater risk. Making a name for yourself and your business can help you establish your business in the market more strongly, which helps you become more stable. Increasing your chances of success makes you more appealing and less risky.

Provide Benefits

The best talent is going to expect to be compensated for their time and efforts with more than just a paycheck. If you truly want to compete for the top talent, you’re going to have to provide benefits. Common benefits include things like health, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) plans, life insurance, and different forms of PTO. Some benefits can directly help your business by reducing your tax liability. If you have budgetary constraints, there are many fun perks that don’t cost a ton of money that can create a healthy work culture.

Create a Great Culture

Culture may seem like just another buzzword, but when done correctly it can have a strong impact on job satisfaction. There’s a trend in younger workers towards wanting to enjoy being at work, rather than just suffering through it. Culture is a huge part of how you create that. There are often some mistakes made when creating company culture, but they can be avoided through careful planning and consideration.

Attracting the best employees to your startup takes work. You’ll need to make a name for yourself and offer them something beyond just a paycheck. Competitive benefits and a great company culture can be a good way to make your startup stand out and a more desirable company to work for. Simply put, if you want to attract the best, you need to make it worth their time to work for you.

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