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Attitude Shifts That Can Create Positive Change in the Workplace

The best kind of work environment is one that is healthy and productive. You may feel that your company is hitting a slump but may not know what is causing it. One of the easiest ways to keep improving your company and effecting positive change is to shift negative attitudes.

Avoid Gossip

Coworkers are around each other very often and usually know a lot about each other’s lives. Even if they don’t know a lot about each other outside of work, they interact with each other frequently in the workplace. Because of this high level of interaction and sometimes competitive or stressful environment at work, gossip can quickly spread throughout a company.

A gossiping culture can create toxic, incompatible work relationships and must be stopped. One way to avoid gossip is by not engaging with it. When gossip arises, show that you are uninterested or even remove yourself from the conversation. This will help gossipers recognize that gossip isn’t tolerated or wanted in the workplace.

Show Gratitude

You can express gratitude in many different ways, such as verbally thanking a coworker, writing a quick thank you note, bringing someone a treat, or taking them out to lunch for helping you with something.

Your brain produces serotonin and dopamine when you show and receive gratitude. When you are happier because of showing and receiving gratitude, you will enjoy being at work more and be more productive.

Work Together

When you are constantly working alone or feel like you are competing with your coworkers, work can be very lonely and stressful. You can produce better work more efficiently when you are willing to collaborate with your coworkers. When you are working with other people, make sure that your team takes time to recognize each other’s strengths. The value of working on a team or in a group is that each person has different insights and skills that benefit the end product.

If you or your employees are having a hard time at work, take a minute to reflect on the attitudes you have about work and your company. Chances are that negative attitudes may be ruining your entire workplace experience and success as a company. As you shift these attitudes, you will recognize many positive changes in the workplace like happier employees, increased creativity and productivity, and a more unified workforce.

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