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Why Waste Elimination Is Critical to Running Your Business

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

There’s a whole lot that goes into running a successful business. Some involve things you should do, and some include things you shouldn’t do. One of the things you shouldn’t do is allow waste to run rampant throughout your business. Instead, focus on waste elimination. It’s critical to running a successful business.

Improve Profitability

Perhaps the most apparent reason to eliminate waste is to improve your profitability. Waste in the business eats into profits by rendering resources unusable, thereby preventing them from generating profits. Waste also represents money that was spent without any payoff.

If you want to improve your profitability, waste elimination is a good place to start since it can help you generate more income and control your expenses simultaneously.

Make Your Business More Efficient

Half of the profit generation equation is managing your costs. The more efficient your business is, the lower your costs are likely to be. Since waste is antithetical to efficiency, eliminating waste is a critical step on your road to a more efficient business. Another way to make sure your team will be efficient and productive is to have a Gemba that will answer any questions they have. It can be from the production process, procedure, or what have you. That’s why it’s important that the Gemba is knowledgeable.

You can create more efficiencies in your business by learning how to implement the 5S process. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that 5S is just for those involved in manufacturing. While that’s what it was originally designed for, 5S concepts can apply to just about any business, including tech startups.

Communicate Better

Communication is good, but quality communication is better. Eliminate waste in this aspect of your business to communicate effectively with your employees. Look at how you communicate with them. Is there a way to automate parts of your communications to reduce the risk of miscommunication or accidentally missing someone you need to pass the information on to? How do you come across when communicating with employees? Are you clear in what you say? Or are you wasteful with your words and the time you spend sharing them? Communicate clearly and concisely so everyone can do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Don’t let waste ruin your business. Instead, take steps to eliminate it. Start by taking a good hard look at different procedures. Identify areas and points that you feel are wasteful. Talk to your employees before making changes, though. You can use their perspectives to guide you on your quest to eliminate waste since they’re the ones performing the processes. Listen to what they say and ask for their ideas on how to eliminate waste. You might be surprised by their insights.

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