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What Your Startup Can Do to Strengthen Privacy

Your company, and your client’s data, is important. There are more and more breaches happening and knowing how to prepare is critical to both you and your clients. How can you keep your proprietary data secure and safeguard important information? How can you make sure your corporate data is locked up, away from prying eyes?

Encrypt Important Data

If you’re a small business owner, you already know it would be ridiculous to walk out of work and leave your doors wide open, with valuables on full display, ready to be stolen. Nobody might break in that night…or the next…but if you habitually leave important things lying around, you’re eventually going to need to replace them! The same is true of the data stored within our computers or cloud. You need excellent data encryption options to store important information, whether it’s legal contracts, or credit card numbers.

Use Secure Communications

You know secure communications are critical, but during a pandemic, such things have become complicated. Best practices for things like Zoom calls are important. Requiring passwords can help keep your Zoom meeting secure. You can also use randomly generated meeting ID’s, and require the use of waiting rooms to make sure who you are allowing into your meetings are the ones who are supposed to be there.

Hire Excellent IT Professionals

You might not need an IT person on staff all the time, but having an expert in cyber security in your back pocket can save you a lot of hassles later on. There are many things that your IT team needs to do to set up your business’ security. Knowing who to ask questions and where to go for the best software will save you a great deal of time and money. Being a secure startup can help your clients know that you and your team are both prepared to protect both their products and their information!

Your clients need to know that their information is protected and that you are dedicated to making sure your systems are as secure as possible. Adding in software which makes this possible can not only help you conform to best business practices but give you peace of mind. Your customers will feel more comfortable knowing that you have secured their data, and you can give a sigh of relief, knowing you’ve prepared ahead against any breaches.

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