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What You Should Know About Mentoring Younger Employees

When your business is on the initial up-and-up, it’s important to know how to mentor incoming employees properly. A good system will ensure plenty of high-quality and efficient growth among your employees. Here are some of the basics that you should know.

Why Mentorship is Important

Mentorship can take your workforce to the next level. It’s important for your company and its success. Good mentorship will be reflected in your data. The efficiency of employee work, the culture of your company, and your business’ profits will all reflect good mentorship. It’s also important on an individual level. By individually mentoring your employees, your employees will feel more comfortable in the workplace.

They’ll have a better relationship with their workplace than many other employees do. They will be empowered to continue to grow and improve in the industry. Mentorship benefits just about everybody; just make sure that the senior employees and administrators doing the mentoring have the time, knowledge, and initiative.

What it Can Accomplish

The very best businesses and companies have certain elements that make them stand out. That might be a particularly stellar company culture. That might be a unique and fun way to incentivize productivity. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure--it needs to be positive.

Toxic or aggressive workplace cultures can certainly galvanize people in the short term, but it is not sustainable. High employee turnover rates usually are an indication of something being wrong. It’s also important to think about the concrete results of good mentoring on that individual level. Mentoring youth can help them achieve their short-term and long-term career goals.

Go About it Right

It’s essential that the employees, managers, administrators, and executives who will be doing the actual mentoring understand how to go about it. It should not be a competition with the younger employee. It should be an opportunity to help the employee have their strengths highlighted and their weaknesses kindly pointed out with a spirit of constructive criticism. The goal is to improve and build, not to assert power, dominance, or authority. The best mentors truly care about their mentee’s well-being and abilities. Remember–these are real human beings you are dealing with, not machines.

Mentoring can be enormously rewarding. It can exponentially help your business, and it can definitely give you a boost. It also is rewarding in the interpersonal sense. Good mentorships are the key to a positive, thriving business model.

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