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What to Consider When Picking Your Startup Location

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Are you finally preparing to rent or buy a space for your startup business? If you’ve finally outgrown your home office space, it can be so exciting to consider moving to an actual work location. Here are a few things that you should consider when picking a location for your startup small business.

Business-Friendly Laws

First, take your time to research the laws in the area that will pertain to your small business. You want to make sure that you start your business in an area that has business-friendly laws. Some areas have very specific business laws, which can make it difficult for your business to be run or prosper. There are a lot of different laws that can determine the way that your business can be run.

For example, there might be laws regarding zoning and property rent. There are also usually laws regarding hiring, employees, taxes, and benefits. You’ll also have laws that ensure that your business is measuring up to health, safety, and environmental rules and standards. While all of these laws are formed to help your business to be safe and successful, certain states have laws that might make it more difficult for you to run your business.

The Presence of Other Startups

You’ll also want to consider the presence of other startups when you’re choosing a location for your small business. Often, the presence of many startups can indicate that the location is great for businesses, helping them to grow and flourish. For example, Lehi, Utah, has become a hub for many tech startups in recent years.

Paying attention to prospering startups can teach you what states you should consider for your startup business. However, if you have too much competition in your same industry with other startups, you might want to choose a different location. This could make it difficult for you to build your customer pool.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

Although certain popular cities might seem like a good location for your startup location, they might not always fit your budget as you’re starting. Similar to how certain cities have a higher cost of living, certain cities are also more expensive if you’re trying to run a business. Certain locations can have more property rental fees, tax, supply prices, and shipping fees.

When considering and looking at different locations, make sure you do the necessary research to learn what the cost will look like for your business. Even if a city seems like it would respond well to your branding and business idea, it won’t be a successful venture if you can’t make a profit. So, keep that city in mind for the future, and start in a more affordable location.

So, if you’re trying to find the perfect location for your startup business, remember these important tips. Make sure that you’re considering which areas have business-friendly laws, the presence of other startups, and budget-friendly options. This will help you to find a great location where your startup business will be able to grow and thrive.

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