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What Managers Need to Do to Connect With Their Employees

When you are a manager, you need to be able to connect to your employees on a human level to build good relationships. When you have a strong relationship with each member of your team, you can see better success and more productivity. It takes time and hard work to connect with your employees, but it is worth the effort to have strong relationships with the people you work with each day.

Understand Their Unique Needs

To connect with anyone, you need to be able to understand them and take time to listen to their concerns. As a manager, you want to understand the needs of your team so you can help to meet those needs for them.

When your employees’ needs are met, they will be more able to do their work and contribute in a full way to the team. You can help your employees to have their needs met in the office, and this will help you to have a stronger relationship with a foundation of trust.

Engage With Them Where They Work

Genuine connection also requires you to engage with your employees while they are working on projects as part of their work. Take time during every workday to talk to your employees and learn more about them and their goals in the workplace. You can use a variety of strategies to engage with your employees and forge meaningful relationships that will last.

For example, a gemba walk can help you develop better communication habits with employees. Use a variety of techniques, so you can connect with each employee in a way that is meaningful for them personally.

Recognize Their Successes

In many workplaces, it is common to give feedback when employees aren’t meeting the expectations of management. But if you want to connect with your employees, you need to recognize their successes, even more than their failures. Whenever you can recognize the success of your team, you can help them to feel more comfortable in the workplace and to feel valued when they are at work. Pay attention to the little things your employees do, and find ways to show them that you value all the work they are doing.

Every employee is a unique person with unique needs and traits. As a manager, a big part of your job is making sure that your employees are comfortable with you and that their needs are being met in the office. Taking time to get to know your team and make yourself available will help you to have a better time with your team.

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