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Red Flags to Pay Attention to When Hiring

Few decisions will impact your business as directly as your hiring decisions. When you have employees, your business is no longer just in your own hands. You have to make sure that any employee you are handing off your business responsibilities to is someone trustworthy. If you have never made a hiring decision before, however, you may not know the red flags to be aware of when you are considering different job candidates. Here are three telltale red flags that you should pay attention to when hiring for your business.

Negative Body Language

The first red flag that you need to pay attention to when you are hiring for your business is negative body language. If you are holding an interview with a job candidate, you should be sure to observe their body language carefully. You want to see positive, welcoming body language, like an open posture, making good eye contact, and smiling from your job candidates. If an interviewee struggles with eye contact, has a closed-off sitting position or seems to like positivity and joy, they are not going to be a good fit. You need employees who are happy to be with your business.

Offensive Social Media Posts

Another crucial red flag to pay attention to when you are hiring for your business is offensive social media posts. Half of employers check prospective employees’ social media. If you don’t check your candidate’s social media accounts, you are missing out on critical information that can help you make a better hiring decision. Candidates who post on social media with thoughts, ideas, and photos that are offensive will likely serve as a bad reflection of your business. It is best to steer clear of candidates with offensive social media posts.

Inconsistent Job History

The final red flag that you need to pay attention to when hiring is an inconsistent job history in a candidate. While there are many valid reasons why a candidate may have a gap in their resume, it is something you should take note of and ask about. Most adults need to work to make a living, so if there is a large gap or frequent gaps in job history, that could be a sign of something in the job candidates’ personal life that may prevent them from fulfilling the job requirements.

Hiring for your business is one of the most crucial decisions for your business. Making a good hiring decision can make or break your business's long-term success. Pay attention to these red flags when hiring to avoid making a hiring mistake at your business.

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