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How to Use Your Time at a Career Workshop

If you are attending a career workshop, there is a good chance that you are trying to find employees with the skills and experience that will fuel your business’s future. But, knowing how to find the right people can be a challenge in and of itself. It is important that you take your time to find quality candidates that have skills that make sense for your business and who will fit into your company culture.

Find Intern Prospects

At a career workshop, you can often find people who are looking to explore jobs and find the right fit for themselves. This makes it a great place to look for potential interns who could work at your business. You can find interns in many different ways at your local career workshops.

You can scout specific people who seem to fit your needs and have a strong resume. You can also solicit requests from young people who are interested in your business. Your job is simply to look for people who might work well in your business and offer the opportunity to try for an internship.

Offer Training on Professional Skills

You can also use the career workshop as an opportunity to highlight the work your business does. This can be done by offering training on professional skills related to your business. As you offer training, pay attention to the people who are doing especially well.

They may be a good fit for your company and could help you to reach your future goals for the business. Offering lessons in things like resume building is especially helpful. A resume helps job candidates organize their accomplishments for employers.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Your career workshop is not going to work well if you don’t make it a positive place for learning and growth. You should focus on ensuring that you have a positive atmosphere at your workshop that fosters an environment for learning and growing. You should accomplish this by ensuring that your staff is respectful and that there are open lines of communication. You should also make sure that everyone who participates in the event is given the opportunity to give feedback and participate in the workshop in meaningful ways.

As you work on creating an effective career workshop, make sure you have your goals in mind. When you are working towards a clear goal, it is more likely that you will reach your vision for your workshop. Get everyone on board and work together to make the event a real success.

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