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How to Make Big Changes Without Upsetting Your Employees

Businesses thrive on change. When you make changes, it allows you to adjust to a shifting market and you can embrace new practices or developments. While change is good, it can be difficult for employees to adjust to. If you are making any big changes in the future, you need to know how to help your employees transition.

Reassure Them

Change can lead to many people feeling uncertain. They might question how their job will change in the future and they may even wonder if their job is secure. Before you make any changes, you need to reassure your employees. Help ease any worries or fears they may have and help them know that you are on their side and available to help them. It might be effective to host a formal or informal question and answer session. During this time, your employees can raise all the concerns they have and you can help put their worries at ease.

Present the New Plan

One of the most important steps of making any changes is informing your employees of the changes. You need to make sure everyone is on the same page and aware of what the plan is moving forward. You can inform your employees in whatever way you see fit. For example, you can send a detailed email that your employees can reference later if they have questions. You can also host a presentation or meeting where you discuss the new plan. If you go with this option, make sure you create the right environment. Venues with large windows will have better lighting, an essential feature for your event. Make sure everyone is comfortable and consider providing some food.

Ask For Feedback

The best way to help employees through change is by asking for their thoughts and opinions. You can’t assume that you know the best way to help everyone. Getting feedback from your employees can help all of you through the transition. Their feedback might include the best ways to communicate changes, what accommodations they might want, and what has been the most effective in the past. Keep your employees involved in the process.

Change can be intimidating for many and it can lead to employees becoming upset. The actions you take can help determine the reactions your employees have. It’s important for you to take steps to make the changes easier for you and your employees.

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