VC Fund, Founding Partner

Foundation is a Startup Accelerator that provides exceptional training and coaching to entrepreneurs and founders.  We offer a lifelong network for these leaders, coders, and innovators - who want to become startup CEOs.  Our 8-week program includes sixteen workshops and classes.  sFoundation has a goal to accept 20% women founders, 20% minority founders, and 20% founders over forty.

About the position:

We are seeking a founding partner in raising funds for a new Venture Capital Fund that we are starting. To be true to our belief in diversity, we are seeking a woman founding partner in this role.


Who you are:

  • You are part of the driving force in raising funds for this VC.

  • You are an awesome venture capitalist, investors, angels, or seasoned executive.

  • You have a passion for helping startups, especially those in their early stage.

  • You are knowledgeable in dealing with individual investors or HNWI.

  • You are committed to building diversity in the startup environment in Silicon Valley.

  • You understand that it is not about “who you know” but more of “what you know”.


Desired qualifications:

  • A veteran in the startup community.

  • A highly connected individual in the startup investment community.

  • Experience in fundraising or investments (VCs or angels) related to startups.

Contact us if you are interested.

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