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  • AccelScore is comparative worldwide; promote your startups to a global audience.

  • AccelScore is a filtering mechanism. However, it ignores the founders' ethnicity or the country they come from. It minimizes the unconscious bias of any person looking at the startups - the number matters, not the founders' look.

  • The score itself is self-promotional since worldwide investors can see all the startups that have gone through the scoring system.

  • Raise awareness of your local startup community to investors who traditionally don't venture out of their geographical location to find startups.

  • Take advantage of sFoundation monthly Private Deal Flow event. Startups with a score of 1500 or more have a chance to present a 30-min presentation to a group of Silicon Valley investors.

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  • Use the AccelScore metrics as a guide to help founders understand the fundamentals of how to be a startup, especially for those in the pre-seed or seed early stage.

  • Use the AccelScore mentors' feedback to provide further assistance to the founders.

  • Enhance your program deliverables by implementing the AccelScore metrics around and in support of your program.

  • Incorporate AccelScore to deliver a systematic approach in your program so all your cohorts will have a similar experience for startups no matter when they attend.

  • No more ad-hoc delivery of each cohort because of random factors like mentors' availability, personnel changes, program changes, etc.

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  • The AccelScore metrics can help you implement a baseline for your program.

  • Baselining achieves many essential criteria:

  1. ​To provide a basis to measure performance moving forward

  2. To improve the performance measurement over time

  3. To help standardize your processes

  4. To help create and visualize clear goals

  5. To simplify communications among all stake-holders

  • Create a critical thinking process from the baseline to improve overall program deliverables.

  • Create key success metrics for comparison. Compare startups within a cohort, between cohorts, and with other startups within the AccelScore eco-system.

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  • Decisions based on personal subjective views can vary widely.

  • Decisions based on metrics can assist in minimizing individual subjective viewpoints.

  • The AccelScore measurement platform enhances but does not replace your current measuring and evaluation tools. It provides you a better way to make decisions.

  • In a crunch? Use AccelScore to help you to decide quickly. When you have time later, you can pick up where you left off and do your more extensive research and evaluation.

  • AccelScore should be part of your decision management toolbox. Along with your other evaluation tools, it can provide you an additional critical thinking process.

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  • Streamline your measuring process. Use the AccelScore platform to speed up data collection instead of the traditional spreadsheets.

  • Streamline your startups' evaluation process.

  • Streamline your information gathering process. Instead of an administrative person requesting information from many individuals, have them put it on the AccelScore platform.

  • Reduce email or phone communications when sharing information with partners.

  • Speed up information retrieval and reduce errors and bottlenecks when fewer human actions are involved.

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  • Use AccelScore metrics to simulate real-world scenarios for founders to tackle.

  • Guide the startups in your program in handling the metrics. In turn, it can help them to understand what real-world situations may be like.

  • Help founders to be resourceful when tackling these metrics.

  • It helps the founders to think outside the box.

  • Help the founders to visualize AccelScore metrics as real-world challenges and not an assignment given in a cohort/school project.

  • The exercise in AccelScore reporting provides good observations of the startup behavior. It is not a mere scoring, reporting, and measuring tool.

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  • Be the first in your region or country to be noticed by an audience of worldwide investors.

  • Be the first program in your region or country to create your prestigious Private Deal Flow event using AccelScore. Use the scores to funnel and filter startups to your event quickly. Invite startups from around the world to pitch at your event.

  • Use the AccelScore tool and platform to quickly discover promising startups, regardless if they are from the USA, Australia, Mozambique, Columbia, Denmark, Thailand, Iceland, or any country.

  • AccelScore is comparative across international boundaries and demographics.

  • The best startups may not have the best scores. However, their AccelScore progress charts may tell an entirely different story.

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  • AccelScore measures startups over a long time. It is more predictive than a snap subjective opinion from a 5 minutes pitch event.

  • This long-term observation can provide a look into the future of a startup. It supplements your intensive 40-person-hour spreadsheet plus interview evaluations.

  • It lets you plan your program for the future. You can adjust and refine future programs based on your current baseline.

  • The systematic approach in AccelScore measurement can help you define your future startups' characteristics based on what you learned from the current cohort.

  • It future-proof your program and makes it more competitive.

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  • Internal measurement and evaluation processes developed over time can be very powerful. However, it may have hidden biases or weaknesses that are not apparent immediately.

  • AccelScore provides a third-party viewpoint on startups. It can inject fresh ideas into your existing internal processes.

  • Even if you have a very effective process in place, your competitors may have already surpassed you with better methodologies over time.

  • If your program involves many people, ranging from mentors to trainers to evaluators and others, how do you identify if anyone is subjective or objective? This can be daunting. However, AccelScore can help to minimize this.

  • AccelScore team has no vested interest in the startups in your program. Thus we can provide a more objective view of the startups.

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  • How much unconscious bias goes into your startups' review and selection process?

  • No one can eliminate unconscious biases in any human devised processes. However, we can minimize it.

  • We built AccelScore with that in mind. Our algorithm has a built-in process to minimize human emotion in startup evaluation.

  • Use AccelScore to minimize your unknown hidden biases in a preliminary evaluation. Then follow up with your proven internal process to continue your advanced review. We don't replace your operation. We enhance it.

  • Startups with the same score, who may be from different regions or countries, should exhibit the same behavior. AccelScore minimizes the biases against startups located in traditionally unknown non-Silicon Valley geography, regions, or even countries.

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  • Use AccelScore to predict future startup success through startup behavior, not just numbers and charts or spreadsheets.

  • Use AccelScore to let your startups stand out on the world stage, not just locally.

  • Use AccelScore to baseline your initial evaluation.

  • Use AccelScore to evaluate, compare, and compete.

  • Use AccelScore to elevate your organization status.

  • Use AccelScore to minimize biases.

  • Use AccelScore to future-proof your program.

  • User AccelScore to create a startup funnel.