The AccelScore Platform

Built on Diversity

Our goal:

20% women founders

20% minority founders, and

20% founders over 40

Our Purpose

sFoundation firmly believes that female entrepreneurs, minority entrepreneurs, and founders over forty are highly valuable contributors to the Silicon Valley innovation spirit.


We created this startup ecosystem SaaS platform because we want to include and embrace diverse talent. We understand that diversity is a strength.

Our Focus

Focusing on diverse teams is what allows us to help founders deliver better results, more innovation, and better group performance. 


Our goal is to identify and ease the pain points of entrepreneurs founding and scaling their startups.

Our Platform

We build our AccelScore SaaS platform

around your needs as a busy founder. Using features within the platform, for example, Build Relations, Discover, Conversations, to name a few, you can connect with investors, advisors, startups, mentors, and other like-minded people.

Your Progress

Your progress in our program may be observed occasionally by our partners, so they are apprised of your improvement.


Your participation in the program will give you a chance to prove your startup to our investors and partners.

Stands Out

Make your startup stand out in a crowd of startups.  Use our proprietary 9-point evaluation system (FounderScore) or our 25-point system (AccelScoreto measure your progress. 


Potential investors, co-founders, angels, and many others can look at your scorecard. The process will also challenge you in many ways that will enhance and improve you, the founder.

Your Challenge

Our participants come from all over the United States, and from international countries including Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, and Panama, to name a few.

Are you up for the challenge?

Our Achievement

2020-Q3 stats

Stang-up Meeting

Who is the ideal sFoundation founder?

We bring together founders and entrepreneurs with a diverse background looking to build their startups. We focus on the founding team and guide the team member(s) on how to work together and with others. We seek out those with grit, humility, and innovative thinking.


You have courage, strength, passion, and perseverance. You're relentless, and nothing can stop you. When you are faced with a challenge, you take it head-on. You always find a window when the door closes.


You are open-minded and have strength under control. You are aware that you don't know everything and you can admit it. You are vulnerable to mistakes and flaws, and you're continually learning. You share the limelight when successful.

Innovative Thinking

In addition to thinking outside the box, you strive to find a better way to solve a problem. You're not content with the current status quo. When everyone thinks you have the best solution, you want to make it better.

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