Startup Accelerator Program

Built on Diversity

Duration: July 6 - August 30

Deadline: July 5

Diversity of Our Cohorts

2020 Q2 Update

Because Diversity Provokes Thought

sFoundation was established on the idea that anyone — regardless of their background — can start a technology related company. We understand that diversity is a strength that includes a variety of approaches and methods to problem-solving.


Focusing on diverse teams is what allows us to help founders deliver better results, more innovation, and better group performance. We are fueled by a passion to nurture and build advanced solutions for startup founders. Our goal is to identify and ease the pain points of entrepreneurs founding and scaling their startups.

sFoundation firmly believes that female entrepreneurs, minority entrepreneurs, and founders over forty are highly valuable contributors to the Silicon Valley innovation spirit. We created this startup ecosystem because we want to include and embrace diverse talent.

Our goal is to include at least:


20% women founders,
20% minority founders, and
20% founders over 40

We are based in Silicon Valley, and our Startup Accelerator Program is geared towards high-quality startups that are positioned for growth.

A solid foundation for your startup is what sFoundation provides, with 1-on-1 mentoring from our network of mentors and advisers in your product development, design, distribution, investor pitches, marketing, in-depth talks from industry experts with Q&A sessions and Pitch Night presentation. For those in our Warrant pool program, we also provide

long term access to our network of mentors and advisers.

We built our program to suit your needs as an entrepreneur. The program functions like a peer-to-peer network in which you help each other to build your startup along with our advisers and mentors.


Your progress in our program may be observed occasionally by our investors, so they are apprised of your improvement. Unlike a demo or pitch night, in which you only have 15 minutes to prove yourself, your participation in the program will give you a chance for a full eight weeks to prove your startup to our investors.

We use five key metrics in our proprietary 25-point evaluation system (AccelScore)to measure the progress of each startup. We work with you to improve the performance of your startup using these key measurements. Potential investors, co-founders, angels, and many others can use this standard scorecard to reach out to you. Investors like this system because it helps them to understand your startup in great detail. The AccelScore process will challenge you, the startup founders, in many ways that will enhance and accelerate your startup.

Our international participants come from Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, and Panama, to name a few.

Are you up for the challenge?

Diversity is your superpower
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