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A Decision Management Tool

AccelScore guides what a startup can do to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world. Using this tool, we help investors to identify up-and-coming pre-seed and seed startups faster. We work with startup accelerators to help prepare startups in their cohorts with this scoring methodology. We provide value-add to the bottom line of our partners who are assisting startups with various services.


A Decision Management Platform

Our platform helps connect various parties in the whole startup ecosystem, and it solves a consistent pain point in the startup ecosystem. The platform can connect investors with startups, startup accelerators with investors, startups with our partners who can help them, and ultimately, startups with investors – quickly.


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Looking to make connections but not sure where to turn? Need help in planning or executing your current startup business plan? Let us guide you.

Are you looking to connect with potential up-and-coming startups? Let AccelScore guides you through the filtering process.

Startups on our platform may need help in marketing, sales, legal, accounting, and many other services. We can help you to reach out to them.

We can help you to accelerate your company.

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