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How to Stops Sales Opportunities from Falling Through the Cracks

When you run a business, you want to pursue every opportunity for a sale, even if that opportunity doesn’t ultimately go anywhere. Any inquiry has the potential to be a sale, but sometimes sales opportunities fall through the cracks. How can you prevent this?

Answer Inquiries Promptly

One way to prevent sales opportunities from falling through the cracks is to answer any inquiry about your business promptly. Quick response time prevents people from losing interest because they had to wait too long for a response. Your team should be devoted to answering inquiries because they have the potential to lead into a sales opportunity. Treat every inquiry like they are a potential customer. They may not ever buy from your business, but you want to give them a good experience with your business so that they might buy from your business in the future.

24/7 Customer Service

Another way to prevent sales opportunities from falling through the cracks is to have 24/7 customer service. This doesn’t mean you have to have people on the phones every single hour of every single day, (although over half of customers are annoyed when they can’t get through to a person on the phone), but it does mean that you should have chat bots on your site who can answer questions when someone isn’t available. You should also have answering services that give people answers to frequently asked questions. Giving people the answers to their questions builds credibility for your business and makes sure that people are satisfied with the care your business has given them. Good customer service makes it likely that you’ll eventually gain a future sales opportunity.

Have Smart Organization

Another way to prevent sales opportunities from falling through the cracks is to have smart organization for your sales team. While you may have a team devoted entirely to sales, you should have a routine for checking and responding to inquiries. It may help your business to have a person entirely devoted to answering inquiries. Organizing your business effectively will help you stop leads from falling through the cracks by following up on every lead you have.

You don’t ever want a potential customer to fall through the cracks, but you have to make it a priority. Answer inquiries promptly, have customer service representatives available 24/7, and have smart organization in your team to prevent future sales opportunities from disappearing.

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