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How to Make Employees a Bigger Part of Your Team

Your employees carry a massive portion of your success. While you may be taking the risk, your employees are aiding you by expanding and increasing your business. What's the best way to let them know just how critical they are to the success of the team?

Listen to Them

Do you have employees that easily do tasks or handle software that you only peripherally understand? Ask them to teach you or coach you on a project. Listen to how they manage the software, what problems they run into and any workarounds they've built.

If you're ready to implement a change in a program that they regularly work in, be certain to get feedback about what features would make their job make more sense. An employee who feels unheard will stop talking and quickly become disengaged, which is the opposite of the way that happy, productive employees should feel.

Coach Them

What are the career and personal goals of your employees? If you don't know the answer to either of those questions, you may be missing out. When you understand the key elements of each employee's dreams, you can tap into them to make both your business and their professional lives more successful. This is particularly true of young employees.

According to InsideOut Development, more than 75% of Gen Z employees say that coaching in the workplace is important to them. While coaching, be sure to be aware of interpersonal dynamics. Make sure employees know that these are coaching sessions to help them potentially grow into management roles. They aren't times to threaten or overly critique the employee. Providing consistent feedback that helps employees achieve their professional goals can enrich their careers as well as your business' bottom line.

Involve Them in Team Building

As the boss, you can set the tone for teams and group dynamics. It's important to note that some employees are introverted and may even attempt to self-isolate from co-workers. If teamwork isn't easy for some employees, Great Results TeamBuilding recommends making sure that you focus on common goals and share information about results and rewards.

For those who aren't drawn to group projects, sharing the common goals can give them a focus and make the process more enjoyable. Holding informal events where team members can get to know one another can help to break down walls and foster a sense of community and belonging that boosts productivity. Set your targets high and make them completely clear to everyone involved. It's critical that your employees know what they're aiming for before they leap, and it’s your job to unify them toward that target. When done right, the results will be better than you dreamed.

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