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How to Help a Struggling Employee Get Back on Track

If you run a business, you know that to be successful, you can’t rely only on yourself. Hardworking employees who are invested in your business and vision help you to be successful. Employees occasionally struggle with work-related things like adjusting to a new work environment, managing workload, or getting along with coworkers.

Additionally, employees may be struggling with things in their personal life that interfere with their performance at work. Helping them get back on track can help them stay focused and motivated.

Meet With Them

The best thing to do if you notice an employee struggling is to meet one-on-one with them to ask what’s going on. A one-on-one meeting will let your employee know that you care about them and what they are feeling or going through.

Additionally, this meeting allows you to have space to problem-solve together and work through this employee’s issues. It is better to try to understand and collaborate with your employee rather than to immediately assume negative things about them because of their performance.

Get Them to Commit to Change

Either in your first meeting with them or in following check-ups, you should get your employee to commit to change.

Small incremental improvements can lead to exponential change over time. If possible, try to get the employee to desire change for themselves and help in brainstorming ideas of how to change. The change will be more effective when it is self-driven rather than enforced by authority figures.

Have Them Work on a Team

Struggling employees often feel overwhelmed. One way to help them feel less overwhelmed is to have them work with coworkers on a team project. When they are on a team, they will feel camaraderie and support from their coworkers about the efforts they are putting in. Additionally, they will feel that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves and that they are valuable to the company.

If you have employees that appear to be struggling, remember to have empathy for them. You don’t know everything that is going on in their lives that may be affecting their work ethic. It may be frustrating at times to sit down and help struggling employees, but you need to remember how much your company relies on the work of employees. Investing time and effort into your employees is investing in your company.

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