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  • Ken Wong

How To Get Funded Guide For Startups

One of the biggest challenge startups face today is getting funded. Most founders will tell you that getting funded is extremely hard and that finding good investors is a pain in the a**.

But is this entirely accurate?

In the past 7 months we’ve been working with both startups and investors and we’ve noticed something very interesting. It seems as if there is a lot of money available for investment, but investors can’t find any good startups to give it to. And it seems as if startups are not able to find investors because they can’t communicate well with them.

It’s like there is a disconnect between the 2 sides.

After noticing this we started working with our network of investors and startups to get to the bottom of the problem. The result is a short and actionable guide filled with the best tips, all based on experience, on how to communicate with investors.

The report is titled “How to Maximize Your Chances of Getting Funded – Everything You Need to Know and Do Before Asking Money from Investors”

It’s a long name but what it ultimately holds is all the best practices of what a founder should know and do before trying to raise funds.

And here is the best part, it was made by investors.

These advises came from hedge funds managers, top investors, experienced angel investors and serial entrepreneurs. They were written based on years of collective experience and include things that we have never heard or seen before.

It’s made by investors and for founders. It is intended to save both yours and their precious time by literally telling you what you need to do if you want to get money from them...

If you would like a copy of this amazing report simply follow this link to get it.

In the page, you’ll see an input form to put your name and email. Once you hit that red button the report will be sent to your email.

We wish you good luck in your efforts to land funding for your startup. Downloading this report will help you achieve that goal.