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How Startups Can Convince Potential Clients to Switch From the Competition

You have invested your time, energy, and resources (both monetary and non-monetary) into creating a startup that blows your competitors out of the water. So why is it so difficult to get potential clients to switch over from the competition? A lot of this has to do with not understanding your target market well enough, or not showing your confidence in your brand through making bold claims. Learn here why these things are so important and how you can apply them to your next meeting with a potential client.

Analyze Your Target Market

Analyze your target market and your industry. In order for your startup to succeed in a competitive market, you need to understand your market. Do your homework and become well acquainted with what your competitors are offering and what the demand is like in your particular market. For the best results, you should look at multiple elements in your competitive intelligence analysis.

Be Bold

There is a common phrase used in philosophy: fortune favors the bold. You should present something bold to potential clients that will win them over. The psychology of selling dictates that potential clients who are willing to spend more expect the product they are investing in to be new and revolutionary. Make bold claims that show your potential clients that you and your product are revolutionary. Do not make a claim that you cannot back up with the quality of your product, but be confident and bold when presenting it to your potential clients.

Show Confidence in Your Brand

Confidence is key. If you are not confident in the brand you have established for your startup, how can you expect your potential clients to have confidence in you? You know all of the work you have put into building your startup, and you know that what you have to offer is greater than and unique from what your competitors are giving to their clients – so show that to your potential clients! Learn how to speak with confidence and show your potential buyers that you are worth every penny they invest in you.

You’ve already built up a great startup company. The hardest part is over. Now it’s a matter of you understanding your target market and catering your sales pitches to speak to your potential clients. You can show them through your bold claims and your confidence in your brand that switching to your services will be the best decision for them to make!

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