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How Do Marketing and Sales Departments Affect Each Other?

Sales and marketing are two terms that some professionals tend to use interchangeably. The truth is that these two business departments have their own functions and should be separate. There are several reasons why sales and marketing are distinct. More importantly, it is important to get these two teams to a point where they can work together in a cohesive manner. Here is how the marketing and sales departments impact each other.

How Sales Affects Marketing

The sales department impacts the marketing department because the sales team is your boots on the ground. They take all the training, preparation and marketing materials with them to sales calls as they attempt to capture the attention of potential clients. They deliver the pitch in the most convincing manner possible and aim to close the deal. The sales team, therefore, knows what works and what does not. They are a mechanism for feedback. The problem is that sometimes the marketing department does not want to hear it. If a pitch did not work, it must have been because the sales team did not deliver it correctly. There is a way to fix this, though, and it includes concise and clear communication.

How Marketing Affects Sales

The marketing department takes the studies, research, and data. They meld the information and aim to provide the sales team with the best possible material and data that will help increase the number of deals they close. Sales teams spend an average of 43 hours a month looking for information that they need from marketing and over half of them are unable to find it. Additionally, the marketing team deals in hypothetical that could cause a problem for the sales team, preventing the sales and marketing teams from being a cohesive unit.

How to Maximize the Positive Impact of Each

Both departments obviously work extremely hard to achieve the expectations set upon them before any campaign is rolled out. Allowing each to thrive creatively in a collaborative environment is your best bet for achieving success. If each department knows the ultimate goal and you have recruited the most qualified per role, plus they understand that they have to be able to communicate with others, profits and success are on the horizon.

Achieving peace and profitability between the sales and marketing departments is feasible. Simply strive to create an environment of collaboration where the efforts of each are recognized for their contributions.

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