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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

July 2020

Diversity And Inclusion: 10 Signs Your Organization Is Stalled

Entrepreneur's Message: Focus On Being Great, And Keep Moving Forward

Essential Pieces Of Entrepreneurial Advice For Real Estate Professionals

Advanced Pitching Skills - Avoiding The 9 Worst Pitching Thin Spots

Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template and Commentary

How Do Angel Investors Source Opportunities

The Dual PhD Problem Of Today's Startups

Today's Students Want To Become Startup Founders

Closing The Wealth Gap By Investing In Minority Entrepreneurs

How To Complete A Financial Model Template

How This Entrepreneur Is Bouncing Back From A 5-Figure Debt

Has Venture Capital Strayed From Its Roots

The Station: Startup Edition

Diversity Is Key To A Successful Business

VC Firms On The Best Time And Best Way To Reach Out To Them

How Do You Know When To Hire Your Next Startup Team Member?

6 Ways Your Investments Can Fund Racial Justice

How To Curate Your Digital Persona

Sources And Uses Of Funds Runway Calculator. How Much To Raise?

June 2020

Why Andreessen Horowitz Is Investing In Games

Stock Warrants: Sweetening The Deal For Angel Investors

10 Entrepreneurial Lessons You Didn't Learn In College

Black-Owned Fund Collab Capital Helps Other Black Businesses Thrive

When Should A Startup Begin Speaking To Investors

The Best Accounting Software Of 2020

5 Steps Entrepreneurs Can Take To Adapt During Difficult Times

Equity Crowdfunding Revolutionizing Fundraising For Startups

Eight Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Why You Shouldn't Ask For A Non-Disclosure Agreement

Whay Having A Website Is Worth The Investment

Play The Cards You Get

Venture Capital Is Pulling Back But Voyager Is 'In For The Long Run'

Startup Valutions Explained By 1,000 Angels

Business Leaders List What Books Every New Graduate Should Read

May 2020

The Weekly Notable Startup Funding Report

Startups Put Fundraising On Hold As Venture Capital Gets 'Aggressive To Invest'

6 Things I've Learned From Leading A Firm For More Than 15 Years

Will The Real VCs Please Stand Up

Tips, Tactics And Cash-Flow Strategies For Startup Survival During A Crisis

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and Skype

As COVID-19 Rocks Markets, Digital Health Startups Rake In Cash

Some Small Businesses That Got Aid Fear The Rules Too Much To Spend It

Data Show How Some Startup Founders Are Still Raising Capital During The Crisis

5 Ways To Launch Your Startup Faster

Key Convertible Note Terms That No One Understands And Cost You Big

How 100 Lunches With Strangers Changed My Life

Startup Opportunities Coming Out Of The Pandemic

How Businesses Can Help Startup Diversity During The Pandemic

April 2020

Seed Round Convertibe, Priced And SAFEs.

Raising Venture Capital In Unprecedented Times

How To Prepare For A Successful Return To Work After Quarantine Ends

If You Did Not Receive A PPP Loan, Be Ready To File Again

5 Key Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A Technical Startup Partner

Startup Weekly: Where Social Startups Will Get Funding In The Future

Pre-IPO Investing: What, Why And How To Invest In Startups

Startup Hubs Went Digital For The Pandemic

Don't Lose Contact With These 5 People During Coronavirus Isolation

Free Money For Small Business?

How You Can Tell If An AI Startup Is Bogus

Jamie Dimon's Latest Shareholder Letter Outlines 5 Ways to Improve Diversity

Zoom's Massive 'Overnight Success' Actually Took Nine Years

Stop The Merry-Go-Round, I Want To Get Off: An Introduction To Angels And Exits

Restricted Funds In Startup Environment Requires Innovative Ideas

USPTO Launches New Innovation Platform To Improve Inventor Diversity

March 2020

How To Create The Perfect Meeting Agenda

"Find A Senior Mentor" With Jason Hartman & Janine Yorio

5 Ways To Fund A Small Business

Silicon Valley Is Betting $750 Million That Poeple Don't Want To Buy Stuff Anymore

How Do We Grow A Startup Ecosystem?

5 Signs You Need To Step Back As Founder Of Your Startup

Networking Doesn't Have To Be Self-Serving

Here's What You Need To Know To Start Your Angel Investing Career

Why You Should Focus On Your Return On Investment In Your Startup

How Venture Capital Become Intel's Answer To 'Massive Disruption'

February 2020

Tips For Startup Founders To Secure Investment In The Current Environment

Funding Trends: How Startups Will Raise Capital In 2020

Michael del Vecchio On Avoiding Common Small Business Accounting Errors

Why Are Dedicated Desk, Shared Common Offices Better For Startup Tech Companies

Ask Dumb Questions

Successful Change Management: 6 Surprising Reasons People Resist Change

Be A Startup Superstar Outlines The Path To Success Working At A Startup

Colorado Blockchain Venture Capital Fund Raises $50 Million

The Most Overhyped, And Most Significant, Tech Trends of 2020

How To Build Confidence As A New Entrepreneur

How Do I Pitch Friends and Family For Money?

Three Ways To Ensure Your Career Success At A Startup

How To Find Angel Investors

Convertible Notes: Good or Evil?

Startup Dashboards For Dummies

How Startup Challenges Are Helping Fintech and Agri Sectors

January 2020

Top VC Shares Guide To Pitch Decks For Startups Fundraising

Good Leaders Seek To Express Themselves, Not Prove Themselves

Tech Startups Come To The Mountain West, But Can They Grow?

Telltale Signs That You Shouldn't Be Raising Venture Capital

Collection Of The Best Tech Startup Pitch Videos

12 Podcasts Every Founder Should Listen To

Is Venture Capital Worth The Risk?

12 Big Things: Airbnb & BlackRock Pick Up Their Pens

The Real Reason To Launch Faster!

Run My Own Payroll? No Thanks.

Diversity And Inclusion Trends 2020

Warren Buffett Says All Successful People Have This 1 Rare Thing In Common

How Founders Should Dress When Pitching A VC Your Startup

Four Snarky Performance Metrics Startups Can Use To Wow Investors

These 15 NYC Startups Raised The Most Venture Funding In 2019

5 Ways To Find An Emotionally Intelligent Mentor

How Your Definition Of Entrepreneur Can Limit Your Success

Investible Founding Startup Teams

5 Unconventional Ways To Attract VCs

What Ashton Kutcher Said About Being A Guest On The 'Shark Tank' Panel

December 2019

Before They Were Famous. 15 Startup Pivot To Fame

The Real Truth About Managing Remote Teams

The 4 Questions Every Founder Should Ask Every VC. That Almost No One Asks.

Use These 4 Evenbrite Email Templates To Drive Attendance

If You Do This One Thing You Are Doomed To Succeed

Startup Life Stories: A PropTech Founder's Worst Day Ever

Why Consumer-Facing Businesses Need HR As A Strategic Partner

5 Ways To Teach Your Kid To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Brands Need To Remember Diversity And Inclusion Is A Leadership Issue

Think Better: The Rule Of Three

How To Cut Your Tax Bill In the Final Weeks Of 2019

How Do You Join (Or Build) A Great Team?

How To Write An Investment Prospectus

Why Success Is So Rare (And How To Succeed In The Face Of Challenges)

10 Ways Strong-Minded People Think Differently

November 2019

11 Big Things: The VC World's Mobility Mania

How You Close An Unsuccessful Startup Says A Lot About The Leadership Of The Company

How To Become An Angel Investor

What Are The Six Traits Of Great Co-Founders?

What Startups Need To Create A Healthy Business Culture

How To Fill In A Financial Model Template

What Does The Role Of A COO Look Like At A Startup?

The Nine Facts Of Fundraising You Need To Know

Steve Jobs Said 1 Thing Separates Successful People From Everyone Else

Should I Talk To My Startup Competitors And Their Investors?

How To Email A VC: A Venture Capitalist Emailed You, Now What?

The Trillion-Dollar Opportunity In Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

How Big Can This Get?

How To Calculate AWS Costs And Avoid Paying Too Much For Cloud Services

Venture Capitalists Are Missing Out On A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

3 Lessons About Tech Startup Unit Economics From WeWork's IPO Fallout

October 2019

Where Can I Find An Income Statement Template?

Raising Capital From Accredited Investors

Cyberattacks Now Cost Small Companies $200,000 On Average

Diversity And Inclusion

Want to Make Difficult Conversations Easy?

How I Turned A Cold Email Into A $2.5M Seed Round

Why You Are Making A Financial Model For Your Fundraise Is Wrong

8 Financial KPIs To Help Measure Your Business Performance

Employee Stock Options

The Amazing Truth About Startup Funding Entrepreneurs Need To Face

Stop Doing Low-Value Work

This Is How To Get A Venture Capital Introduction For Your Startup Fundraise

September 2019

4 Common Diversity And Inclusion Myths In The Workplace

Non Disclosure Agreements For Startups Fundraising Don't Matter

How To Build An Exceptional Network That Benefits You Personally And Professionally

The Nine Facts Of Fundraising You Need to Know

Shaq: "I don't invest in companies just to try and get the big hit"

Understanding Finance: The Basics Of Managerial Accounting For Startups

3 Common Tech Startup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

How To Become A Developer: A Cheat Sheet

How To Find And Choose The Right Co-Founder For Your Startup

What's Your Valuation Is A Dumb Question

How Big Can This Get? Market Sizing Has Killed Many Startup Fundraises

10 Tips For Juggling The Elements Of A Startup

10 Expert Tips To Grow Your Startup

Developers: 5 Tips For Launching New App Features

August 2019

Going From A Big Company To A Startup?

What Working With A 25-Year-Old Founder Is Like For A Man In His 40s

How To Find The Right Programmer Or Team To Build Your Startup App

91 Startup Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

How Successful People Make Decisions Differently

For Zoom Video's CEO, Making Connections Is The Key To Success

Why And How To Build A Startup - Chapter 5: Diversity

Proceed With Caution: 10 Tips For Angel Investors Looking To Fund A Startup

Why A Mentor Is As Important As Investor For A Startup

5 Mindsets That Create Success

7 Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Leadership Skills Overnight

Silicon Valley's Latest Unicorn Is Run By A 22-Year-Old

4 Best Practices To Follow When Connecting With Someone You Don't Know On LinkedIn

I Couldn't Play By The Rules, So I Became An Entrepreneur

The 7-Step Health Care Plan For Small-Business Owners

Why Your Startup Struggles To Find Developers

July 2019

How To Maximize Return On Time When Building A Startup In Your Free Time

12 Tips To Lower Your Small Business Overhead Costs

Warren Buffet To MBA Students

The Non-Technie's Guide To How To Start A Tech Startup

How To Win Corporate Customers When You're A Startup

A Lack Of Innovations Could Be Why Investments In China's Tech Firms Are Plunging

How To Get Press For Your Startup

These Six Millennials Make Millions. So Why Do They Share A House?

8 Common Tax Audit Triggers Small Business Owners Should Avoid

How To Grow Your Business, According To Startups That 'Made It'

How To Build An Effective Diversity And Inclusion Strategy

Building A Startup That Will Last

How Two Standford Dropouts Built An $860M Fortune By Age 23

How $4M In Private Equity Helped This Company Hit $40M In Sales

10 Tips For Starting Your Own Business When You're Over 50

Billionaire Jeff Bezos: People Who Are 'Right A Lot' Make Decisions Differently

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