• Ken Wong

Apply this 25-point evaluation system to spur your startup

Savor the Passion is elevating the dining experience one chef at a time. Its mission is to "make ordering a CHEF as easy as ordering pizza." If you have a celebration, holiday event or date night, Savor the Passion, will send you an in-home chef to delight your palate.

Founder and CHEF, Christopher Martin noticed that Chefs and Talented Line cooks were being undervalued, so he's created a platform to help them regain control of their craft. Savor the Passion puts them in touch with appreciative clients so they can create a delicious, private, and memorable in-home dining experience.

He had previously explored online content on building a startup, but as he puts it, you don't know what you don't know. He joined sFoundation to find mentors and uncover what knowledge he needed to grow his company. It made sense to choose sFoundation because diversity is at the core of his audience.

Chris went through an intensive eight-week program with 1-on-1 sessions, workshops, and classes on core topics for building a sustainable business. The eight weeks were organized into themes so that founders can understand how to develop their product, build a team, and identify their markets. Central to this is what investors are looking for so he can get funding.

"I know a lot more about pricing, business structure, and marketing."

Chris did a lot of the work himself. He went through crucial metrics in our proprietary 25-point evaluation system to measure his progress. Through the cohort, Chris also got connected to various mentors with subject matter expertise. They acted as a sounding board and asked him thought-provoking questions on the status of his business: how was he reaching out for sales? Who was he connecting with? And what was he doing to maintain his relationships?

"It highlighted the areas where I was weak, then it showed me where to focus my attention. I was able to see 4X results after my midpoint check in."

Unlike a one time pitch, this accelerator is built around a community. Chris gets ongoing introductions to advisors and industry experts long after the eight weeks are done. He also gets valuable, actionable insights on how to nurture his relationships. As the ecosystem grows, Chris will have increased access to peers that can hold him accountable to his own high standards.

Traditionally, VC's and investors tend to back founders who are in their existing networks, people they went to school with and share the same views; but research shows that diversity provokes thought. It attracts top talent and helps you connect better with your target market. sFoundation is bridging the gap to promote diversity across the ecosystem. Join us!

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