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Partners & Sponsors

sFoundation Accelerator is partnering with our corporate sponsors or startups to enhance the services to our startup ecosystem.  If you are interested in participating, please send us a note below.

Premier Partners

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ZGC Capital

ZGC Capital is an innovative cross-border co-working space provider.  They offer services in the co-working spaces, incubation, cross-border innovation, and events organization.

ZGC Capital and sFoundation are bringing our monthly pitch event to the startup community in Silicon Valley.

These Z-Pitch events will showcase startups in all verticals seeking funding and product validation to the general investment community.



The world's 1st private expo network exhcnage for unlimited network effect and traffic.


Private Expo Network Exchange empowers every exhibitor and sponsors to connect and collaborate with both internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders for daily massive traffic.


magine that you have 50 or 100 local chapters. All of them can have their own virtual expo network/summit and create a new network effect for daily massive traffic.


Imagine your sponsors are interested in hosting their virtual expo/summit and decide to join forces with your organizations! Now, you have multiple virtual expo networks with daily massive traffic. It is like the Netflix model of trade shows and training.


Silicon Valley Innovation Combinator

SVIC has a full-service platform for innovations and entrepreneurship in technology startups. They provide startups with planning, business strategies, funding & investments, and seminars.

SVIC is partnering with sFoundation on two segments: pitch events and startup investments.

The company is another partner in organizing our monthly OnePitch events that occur every first Thursday of each month.

SVIC will also be investing up to $50K in any smart home startups that have successfully gone through the sFoundation Accelerator program and achieved a reasonable AccelScore.  For more information, please contact us.

Premier Sponsors

General Partners