Our Values


Our Goal in 2018

Our initial goal that year was:

  • 20% Women founders

  • 20% Minority founders

  • 20% Founders over 40


In January of 2020, we finally reached the numbers we strived for:

  • 24% Women founders

  • 20% Minority founders

  • 22% Founders over 40

Our Start

When we started in 2018, we had a very specific and clear goal:


To create a startup community and ecosystem that focuses on the diversity of the founders.

Hard Work

Over the next 19 months, we worked hard, and through sheer 

perseverance - along with help from the startup community,

our mentors and advisors - we achieved our goal.

Our Next Goal

Looking into the future, we want to achieve even more and help out even more startup founders. We want to do it in 12 months!

Here is our pledge and our goal:

  • 25% Women founders

  • 25% Minority founders

  • 25% Founders over 40


We will not stop there, we will push harder:

  • 33% Women founders

  • 33% Minority founders

  • 33% Founders over 40

Join us in our journey.

Let's partner.

Let's figure out how we can make this an absolutely fantastic startup ecosystem.

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