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Many companies struggle to understand the complete picture of their financial health status.

Even fewer know how to grow their top and bottom line predictably and sustainably.

Our proprietary Growth Audit demystifies all of this for CEOs, and simultaneously does the following:

1. Accurately assesses your unique company financials

2. Prioritizes a set of unique recommendations for your financial growth plan

3. Details actions that are unique to your company to achieve your financial scale

We help you to unlock and fine-tune your company financials.


Assess, Prioritize, and Implement

Growth Audit


  • Discussion to get started

  • Quick questionnaires to clarify needs

  • Initial analysis of issues and potential course of action

  • Quick overview of financial statements

  • Free (1-2 hours)


  • Detail questionnaires to find hidden problems and needs

  • Review all documentation to see the full financial health of your company

  • Discussion on various financial goals and metrics

  • Detail analysis and review of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

  • Fixed one-time fee (1-2 weeks)


  • Set goals and needs

  • Create actionable items 

  • Prioritization of events

  • Set up timeline and plan for growth

  • Fixed one-time fee (1-2 weeks)


  • Implement the company financial plan according to planned needs

  • Observe and review the results based on the changes

  • Revise and realign objectives if the results fall outside of projections

  • Re-iterate the implementation process to achieve results closer to the projections

  • Fixed one-time fee (1 month+)


  • Post audit review

  • Ten points checkup

  • Repeat every six months for two years

  • Discuss new issues and needs about future growth (additional work will be fee-based)

  • Free (1-2 hours)

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