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sFoundation Incubator

All startups in our Incubator program have access to our FounderScore to help them prepare for the next phase in their startup journey.

FounderScrore guides the founders in building a startup culture, enhancing the working relationship among founders, and strengthening the company team structure.

Founder's Traits

Based on their participation in the Incubator program, the founders are each evaluated on the following traits:

  • Grit

  • Humility

  • Innovative Thinking

Scoring Process

Startup founders will go through a monthly reporting process based on 9 tasks.

The founders will allocate only a few hours out of their busy schedule in performing these tasks.

Investor Benefits

We are dedicating more than 30 hours working with the founders to understand and mentor them to generate the score. So you don’t need to.

FounderScore can improve 5X the speed in evaluating startups in the initial stage.  Instead of having five startup scouts, you only need one!

Founder Benefits

For those startup founders who are not in our Incubator program, you can also take full advantage of our FounderScore reporting processes and platform.

Make yourself stand out in a crowd.

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