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Use our powerful AccelScore to guide your company to the next stage. You can make use of it as a guiding post.

With an AccelScore chart on your company resume, you can leverage it to stand out amongst other startups.

Use it as an additional arsenal in your tool box when talking to potential investors.


Our accelerator program is where sFoundation began. In this program, we have developed an 8-week program to help you accelerate your startup. Our powerful AccelScore can validate your startup ideas. We guide you in your startup journey

We also work with other startup accelerators or incubators, allowing them to use this essential AccelScore tool for their cohort's startups.

Are you cut out to be a startup founder?

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Our founders, staff, mentors, and advisors have many years of experience in startups because many of them have been founders in the past or still are.

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We are setting the global standard in measuring early-stage startups systematically and objectively.

This global standard will eventually help founders, investors, and everyone in the startup ecosystem quickly navigate the chaotic early-stage startup environment.

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We are a network of mentors, partners, advisors, investors, and people with startup expertise. We are here to help you, regardless of your startup situation.

We can help you to make connections, discover possibilities, and provide guidance.

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Our platform provides an effective way for everyone in the startup ecosystem to connect. Also, information about a startup, a founder, an investor, or other individual or entity, will be easily accessible at your fingertips.

Ask us how we can make your startup shine!

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