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It's a different world. If you didn't own a car a decade ago, your alternatives were to ask for a ride, take public transportation or call a cab.

Fast forward to today, we now have ride-sharing apps, carpool apps, borrowed scooters and bikes, and believe it or not, soon we'll have self-driving vehicles.

Beyond the convenience aspect, we're also helping with the environment, traffic, and even creating income opportunities for regular people.

How have innovations and big ideas like these helped you and your family on a daily basis?

Virtually any ideas these days don't seem as crazy as they were a decade back and often times, the companies that jump at these new innovations have leaped lightyears forward in terms of growth. (Think about Apple, but also think about Gucci, Domino's Pizza, Toyota)

On the flip side, many of us had to say farewell to companies that unfortunately didn't innovate or started the discussion too late.

Although companies are still around (surprisingly Wards is still around!) they have lost market share, customers, revenue and many times could not revive themselves like Woolworth.

As part of the sFoundation mission, we'd like to invite corporate companies to partner with us and learn about innovation and how it will help with your business goals and eventually your bottom line.


Our goal is to work with you right here in our Silicon Valley headquarters, help execute your corporation's innovation center, or help revamp and uncover deeply vetted startups that could fulfill your business objectives and beyond.

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