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Our Mentors and Advisors


Mike Skurko is a startup sales veteran who’s worked for and advised 18 early phase technology startups globally. He’s held various management and leadership positions and co-founded two startups


Over the years, Mike has built sales teams from the ground up and developed and implemented sales solutions and sales training programs globally. The bulk of his career has been as an information security professional working with all aspects of cybersecurity from AppSec to Deception Technologies and from endpoint security to security consulting.


He is the founder and CEO of PRE Consulting, Inc. based in Silicon Valley, where he connects security solutions and practitioners to the APAC market. In addition, Mike is the VP of the Silicon Valley chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) where he is also a board member and a planning committee member with the Cornerstones of Trust. 

Tanal Basma

  • Tanal Basma

Strategic Planing & Growth

Brett Bunnell

  • Brett Bunnell

Corporate Attorney

Tony Clemendor

  • Tony Clemendor

Pitch & Founder Coach

Andrew Devlin

  • Andrew Devlin

CEO / Founder

Jeff Faust

  • Jeff Faust


Zeki Gunay

  • Zeki Gunay


Mag Hidir

  • Mag Hidir

Band of Angels /
Einstein Ventures

Ryan Jackon

  • Ryan Jackson

Innovation Specialist

Deborah Lindsay

  • Deborah Lindsay

Mentor / Coach

Noam Livnat

  • Noam Livnat


Walt Maclay

  • Walt Maclay


Peter Morris

  • Peter Morris

Wharton Alumni Angels

Nitin Naik

  • Nitin Naik


Shriram Natarajan

  • Shriram Natarajan

CTO | Venture

Chuck Nolan

  • Chuck Nolan

President | CTO

Kiyoko Osone

  • Kiyoko Osone


George Parrish

  • George Parrish


Unisha Patel

  • Unisha Patel

Managing Patent Analyst

Delia Sabau

  • Delia Sabau

Global Asset Manager

Dianthe Skurko

  • Dianthe Skurko


Mike Skurko

  • Mike Skurko

Founder & CEO

Joanne Tan

  • Joanne Tan

Branding & Marketing

Dr. Eric Tao

  • Eric Tao


Jens Weitzel

  • Jens Wietzel

Founding Partner

Ken Wong

  • Ken Wong

Entrepreneur | Mentor

Dr. Yang Wu

  • Dr. Yang Wu

Founder | SVSIAN

Val Yalouskikh

  • Val Yalouskikh

Startup Advisor