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One-week Startup Bootcamp

Experience what Silicon Valley is all about!


Venue:   4500 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Date:   June 17, 2019 (Monday) through June 21, 2019 (Friday)

Price:   $250 per person

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Experience what Silicon Valley is all about!

This is an intensive one-week startup bootcamp. You will learn the basics of being a startup founder and how to build a company from the ground up. At the end of the week, you will show off what you build in the past five days in a pitch event to a panel of expert judges, and in front of a live audience.


You will experience:

  • Learning from mentors on various startup topics

  • Working and collaborating with like-minded founders

  • Advise from mentors when you are building your company

  • Build a company with a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Connecting with founders from the Bay area, the USA, and possibly from the rest of the world

  • Experience the paying-forward and team building mentality


Speakers and Mentors

Sarfraz Arshad, Shriram Natarajan, Paul Hyot, Zeki Gunay, Avinoam Kaminski, Himanshu Jain, Nitin Naik, Linda Yu, Dianthe Skurko, and many more to be announced.







You will learn from our mentors and advisers on many topics, from building a pitch deck to learning how to pivot in your initial stages.

  • Team Building

  • Customer Validation

  • Business Fundamentals

  • Product Development Cycle

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Raising Money

  • Legal Entities


Afternoon (lunch will be provided)

Day 1 – Idea formation and team formation.

Day 2 – Customer validation and MVP features.

Day 3 – MVP wire frames and MVP prototyping.

Day 4 – Finalize your MVP.

Day 5 – Build your pitch deck and pitch competition.





Who should sign up?


This bootcamp is intended for engineers, developers, professionals, technologist, newly minted founders, or serial entrepreneurs. All you need is your desire to start a new technology company and learn the Silicon Valley way of founding a startup.


What should I expect?


You will work in a team format, and learn the process of building a startup from scratch. You will make connections with different types of founders from many different backgrounds, and connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from different organizations.


What do I get at the end?


You will take away with the following experience:

  • Collaborative team work environment

  • Bottom-up startup culture instead of top-down structure

  • From idea to prototype (or MVP)

  • The ins-and-outs of making connections and networking

  • Learn to face challenges and know when & how to pivot

  • What Silicon Valley was, is, and will be