Predict the success rate of any seed startup!

Speed up your investment decision process in finding a fundable startup by 80% or more by using AngelScore.

Do you have a startup in any verticals that you would like to perform a quick evaluation?

Do you want to monitor the startup quarterly to gauge their progress?

sFoundation has developed a point-in-time preliminary due diligence process.  We call it the AngelScore.

It provides a standardized way to measure the health of a startup initially and monitor it over time.

The score is between 0 and 1500.

There are 15 attributes in AngelScore which measures the essential components of a startup:

  • Products and Services

  • Market Opportunities

  • Customers

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Business Economics

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Business Status

  • Financial Statements

  • Assets

  • Partnerships

  • Social Responsibility

  • Management Team

  • Risk Analysis
  • Funding Needs and Terms

  • Legal

For any investors who are mainly individual investors, family offices, venture capitalists, corporate investors, or institutional investors, we provide the single main AngelScore number for free.


1. To augment your current due diligence process.

2. A summary report about each startup.

3. A score as a standard guidepost.

4. A score that can be tracked over a period of months or years.

5. A score that measures both the qualitative and quantitative factors.

6. Takes the many guesswork out of evaluating any startups.

7. You can make decisions on any startups quickly.

8. The score saves you time.

Do you have a startup that you need to perform a quick evaluation?


The main AngelScore number is always free.  No catch.

Please email us if you have any questions.

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