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sFoundation has developed a deep working relationship with many startups, and we refer them to our partners in the VC, Angel group, or Accredited Investor community.

AccelScore is an excellent tool for the accelerator or incubator community. This score is customizable to your specific needs.

We provide an additional layer of due diligence to our partners by evaluating startups and their offerings.  Since many of these startups have gone through our programs in one way or another, we know them very well and can provide in-depth information about them and their founders.

We measure five key metrics with a total of 25 sub-categories.  With this 25-point scorecard, we can have a good understanding of where a particular startup stands.  It also measures the qualitative part of the startups (like founders, their actions, their grit, etc.).  This non-ranking scorecard is measured every week over the duration of the cohort.

We call this AccelScore.

The AccelScore process will challenge the startup founders in many ways that will enhance and accelerate their startups.

So, to all startup founders, are you up for the challenge?

The five key metrics to measure a startup's qualitative performance are:

  • Product / Service Offering

  • Founders and Team

  • Partnership and Connections

  • Long Term Plan

  • Mentors' Feedback

Benefits to founders:

1. You will learn to maintain and grow a startup.

2. You will learn to have an uber executive team.

3. You will learn that your bookkeeping system will keep you afloat.

4. You will learn that your customers are the key to your success.

5. You will learn that your network will help you move to the next stage.

6. You will learn to create a product or service that will solve a problem.

7. You will learn what investors are looking for in a startup.

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