Often times, startups have everything they need to succeed. They just need an independent confirmation for their companies to make a strategic jump. With many startups scored through this methodology, the result was truly spectacular. AccelScore helps startups, investors, startup accelerators, and others to assess the progress of an early-stage startup reliably.

We take the guesswork out of the initial evaluation of a startup.

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2018-Q4 - AccelScore beta
2019-Q1 - AccelScore v1.0
2019-Q3 - AccelScore v2.0
2020-Q1 - AccelScore v3.0
2020-Q2 - AccelScore v4.0
2021-Q1 - AccelScore v5.0


We work with our customers to define two to five main metrics to measure their startups. We help them look at the success factors that will affect these metrics and design AccelScore to measure them. In this way, AccelScore can provide an early indication of a startup's capability to move to the next stage of its startup progression.

A few examples are shown below.

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Startups going through any accelerator or incubator programs will work on these twenty-five tasks throughout their cohort term.

Based on these tasks, their reports are submitted on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Each startup report will be scored according to these timeframes, and a score will be assessed each period.


Startups and interested parties will be able to monitor the progress from a chart over an accelerator or incubator program's duration.

To help startups, founders can implement any feedback, course corrections, and improvements immediately.

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Which startup do you want to approach?


AccelScore also focuses on the founding team and how the work together. It looks into the following founder's traits: Grit, Humility, and Innovative Thinking.

  • Grit. You have courage, strength, passion, and perseverance. You're relentless, and nothing can stop you. When you are faced with a challenge, you take it head-on. You always find a window when the door closes.

  • Humility. You are open-minded and have strength under control. You are aware that you don't know everything and you can admit it. You are vulnerable to mistakes and flaws, and you're continually learning. You share the limelight when successful.

  • Innovative Thinking. In addition to thinking outside the box, you strive to find a better way to solve a problem. You're not content with the current status quo. When everyone thinks you have the best solution, you want to make it better.

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  • The score is a great equalizer. We encourage everyone to look at the score of a startup and the founders, not their pedigree. It is an excellent tool for organizations to implement diversity – you see the score, not the face.

  • We are dedicating many hours to help founders and to guide them through the process. It will help the startup to stand out in a crowd.

  • AccelSocre can improve 5x the speed in evaluating startups in the early stage. Instead of having five startup scouts, you may only need one.

  • The platform provides a data-driven process to improve any accelerator or incubator programs. It assists them in incorporating additional deal flow features into their programs.

  • Others can use AccelScore to quickly identity startups who may need further boost and improvements in some areas within the startups.

Our talented team can help you achieve results that matter.

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